Scavenger's Dream
Every Scavenger needs a strong set of supplies. Something they can rely on in moments of need. In this bundle you will be kick started with some vital essentials to help you find your footing.
The bundle includes:
  • 1,500 gold
  • A week of Premium
Use gold to instantaneously get:
  • Premium weapons and equipment
  • Premium account and +50% experience, reputation, silver boosters
  • Weapon modules and modifications
  • Exclusive camouflages and decals for your equipment
  • Stash maps to find more useful items after a battle
  • You can also exchange gold for silver
Premium Account Bonuses:
  • +50% Silver Gain
  • +50% Reputation Gain
  • +50% Experience Gain
  • +50% Spare Parts
Final price may vary depending on the payment method. More details in User Agreement.