The Watchmaker’s shop

Do you use Premium for leveling? Then have you visited the Watchmaker’s shop? No? Too bad.

The Watchmaker is willing to sell the premium account cheaper than anywhere. Though, it depends on whether he likes you or not.

For the same price you can get with an equal chance:
  • 90 days Premium - in-game value is 2500 gold
  • 30 days Premium - in-game value is 900 gold
  • 14 days Premium - in-game value is 500 gold
  • 7 days Premium - in-game value is 300 gold
  • 3 days Premium - in-game value is 150 gold

You’ll only learn what’s inside a strange gray envelope when you come out of the shop and open it. Luck? Some survivors believe that’s just the Watchmaker’s whim.

But none of those unsatisfied with their purchases risk arguing with him: they say the Watchmaker is able to take away your time. All of it...

Final price may vary depending on the payment method. More details in User Agreement.