Leshy Set
Experienced survivors only reach the level of knowledge and awareness they posses by being able to stay alive long enough to learn the secrets of survival. You will find many of them make use of this particular combination of equipment.
  • Vepr-12 Molot – tier 4 premium shotgun, cost in the game is 2000 gold
  • Leshy Vest – tier 4 premium jacket, cost in the game is 600 gold
  • Leshy Pants – tier 4 premium pants, cost in the game is 500 gold
  • Leshy Hood – tier 4 premium helmet, cost in the game is 150 gold
  • Leshy Boots – tier 4 premium boots, cost in the game is 100 gold
  • Leshy Gloves – tier 4 premium gloves, cost in the game is 100 gold
These unique items provide you with some added bonuses for that little bit of extra comfort:
  • The Fringe Settlers Reputation: +35%
  • Silver: +25%
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